Exploring the potential of Geothermal


IET are please to be part of a European project looking at the potential of geothermal energy for communities which border the Atlantic Ocean.

Alongside partners in Scotland, England, France, Portugal and Spain, we will be investigating the options for using geothermal energy to heat and power homes and businesses on Islay, Jura and Colonsay as part of the GeoAtlantic project, as well as working with our partners to develop tools and resources which will assist those looking to use geothermal energy.  We aim to develop a geothermal resource which can be used as a pilot project and learning resource for local people and the wider GeoAtlantic community.

The project is in its early stages but we’re keen to hear from anyone on Islay, Jura or Colonsay currently using a ground source, air source or water source heat pump in their home or business, or from anyone thinking about installing one.

To let us know about your system, or for more info, contact the GeoAtlantic project Development Officer, Kirsten Gow, at kirsten.gow@islayenergytrust.org.uk or call 01496 301413.


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