Case studies: Using Ground Source Heat Pumps in Commercial and Community Buildings

case study imagesAs part of the GeoAtlantic project we have been finding out more about businesses and community groups in Argyll which are using ground source heat pumps to meet their heating and hot water needs whilst reducing their carbon footprint and earning money from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Our case study of the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen looks at how one business is using boreholes beneath their beer garden to create a warm welcoming environment for guests and provide all the hot water they need for showers, even at peak times.

Our case study of Dunaverty Village Hall in Kintyre examine how one community group dug trenches beneath their sports field to collect heat stored in the ground to heat their post office, meeting rooms and sports hall, all whilst earning them around £80,000 over 20 years form the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

Whilst both buildings are new-builds, ground source heat pumps are also suitable for retrofitting into many buildings and the heat can be distributed by radiators as well as underfloor heating.

As always, as well as choosing the right system, the key is ensuring that your building is as well insulated as possible as this will give you the greatest benefit of any heating installation.

For more information on support available for community groups and businesses wanting to invest in ground source heat pumps contact Local Energy Scotland.


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