Geo survey

Complete our 2 min survey at !

As part of the GeoAtlantic project we are looking at the potential for using heat pumps and geothermal technology for heating and hot water in homes and businesses on Islay / Jura / Colonsay.

The first thing we’d like to do is understand who is already using heat pumps / geothermal energy on the three islands so we can understand how we might help other people use these systems to improve energy efficiency, reduce our impact on the environment and, potentially, generate income for the community.

If your home, business or the place you work uses geothermal energy or heat pumps we’d love it if you could fill in our brief online survey at

You don’t have to provide us any personal info you don’t want to (feel free to just put the name of your village under ‘address’ if you like) and we won’t share details of your specific location or installation with other people unless you give us permission to write a case study on you.


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