Community Benefit Fund

Looking for an application form the Community Benefit Fund?  You can find it on our Community Benefit Fund Applications page.

The Islay Energy Community Benefit Fund is open to applications from Islay, Jura and Colonsay within three specific programmes:

  • Developing Renewable Energy – this funding is targeted on larger-scale projects looking for investment in projects with a renewable energy element.  Please contact the Community Grant Manager for further information prior to application for this fund
  • Strengthening Communities – funding and assisting groups/individuals to build capacity locally and to achieve social and environmental benefits.  This funding can help support the provision of training activities or small-scale infrastructure to individuals or groups to build transferable skill-sets in the community, or it can be used to pilot larger scale projects.  The limit for funding projects in this programme is £2,000 per application.
  • Energy and Fuel Efficiency – supports individuals/groups in modernising outdated fuel systems with more environmentally-friendly systems with the aim of providing energy savings in private homes.  The funding limit for this programme is £1,500 per application.  There is also capacity to support individuals faced with paying a large portion of their income on heating costs, where one-off payments of up to £500 per household can be awarded.

Projects should provide clear benefits to the people and / or wider communities of Islay, Jura and Colonsay.  Applications for funding continue to be accepted and may be submitted by anyone resident and registered on the electoral roll or from groups, organisations or businesses with a registered address on Islay, Jura or Colonsay.

Funding application forms can be downloaded from the Community Benefit Fund Applications page. Paper copies are available at the IET office in Custom House, Bowmore.  For further information, contact Dr Billy Sinclair on 01496 301413 or via e-mail:


The Islay Community Wind Project was created to pursue IET’s aims of establishing a more sustainable, socio-economic future for the islands through the exploitation of renewable energy resources using local enterprise. This project is unique as it is one of the first community-owned wind projects in Scotland to be part-financed through a community benefit society share offer.

The community wind turbine at Castlehill on Islay is owned by the Islay Energy Community Benefit Society (IECBS) and Islay Energy Trust manages the operation and maintenance of the turbine on their behalf, as well as administering the Islay Energy Community Benefit fund on the society’s behalf.

As of October 2018 there had been £82,619.64 distributed to the community from the Community Benefit Fund.  This has been as a result of:

  • 91 expressions of interest in the fund submitted from across Islay, Jura and Colonsay
  • 52 full applications
  • 48 offers of funding

We have funded a wide range of different local project areas; from modernising home heating systems, to helping repair pathways around Islay to supporting schemes aimed at helping environmental projects.



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