Carbon Savings Project

The Carbon Savings Project was set up to encourage communities on Islay and Colonsay to reduce their carbon emissions – and save money into the bargain – by adopting some simple measures to cut energy use. The project  set a target of reducing carbon emissions in the islands by 300 tonnes over each of the 2 years from 2009 – 2011; equivalent to the saving from properly insulating just 100 lofts.

Some of the main priorities for the project were:

Carrying out an energy audit of as many homes as possible on the two islands, in conjunction with the Energy Saving Trust and Changeworks.

Encouraging domestic energy efficiency through increased take up of insulation grants and offers as well as ‘easy’ behavioural changes.

Loooking at ways to improve the energy efficiency of community buildings.

Encouraging the use of renewable energy sources where appropriate.

Raising awareness of climate change  issues and the steps that every individual can take to make a difference.

A full report on the Carbon Savings Project can be found here.


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