Energy Saving Tips

There are lots of ways to save energy in the home that won’t inconvenience your daily life but WILL save you money. Here are just a few:

 Turn down your central heating just a little, and don’t forget to adjust storage heaters as the weather warms up.

Turn off lights when you leave the room. It’s not true that leaving them on uses less energy than switching them on and off.

Fit energy saving light bulbs as your old bulbs expire – watch out for special price offers.

Only boil as much water as you need. If everyone in the UK stopped overfilling the kettle, we would save enough energy to run most of the street lighting in the country.

Don’t leave appliances on standby at night – switch them off. And don’t leave mobile phone chargers switched on when not in use. Standby appliances and unused chargers are using an estimated £1billion of electricity every year – and some of that money is yours!


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