About IET

The Islay Energy Trust is a community owned organisation that aims to develop renewable energy projects for the benefit of the community whilst reducing Islay’s carbon footprint.

How is IET organised?

IET is managed by a board of trustees.  The Trustees are elected by IET members.  Anyone over the age of 17 who lives or has property on Islay can become a voting member of IET.

IET Membership

If you are over 17 and live or have a property on Islay, Jura or Colonsay then IET would welcome you as a member.  An application form can be requested from info@islayenergytrust.org.ukThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or download islayenergytrust.files.wordpress.com/…/iet-membership-form-may-2018.pdf

What can IET achieve?

Community-owned renewable energy projects provide opportunities for the generation of significant funds for the benefit of local communities, through grants, soft loans and tax advantages. For example, distributable profits from the 0.7MW wind turbine project on Gigha amounted to £100,000 in 2005/6 – its first full year of operation. Such projects also contribute to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and to local self sufficiency in energy supplies.

What kind of project does IET develop?

Community Renewable Energy Projects

Operation of small (2kW) to medium (5MW) community renewable projects (wind, hydro and biomass) that will directly generate revenue that can be invested in the community.

Partnerships with Energy  Developers

Partnerships with Renewable Energy  Developers to maximise the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of large-scale (>5MW) renewables.  Benefits could include employment, improved infrastructure and financial benefits.

Carbon Savings Projects

Reducing Islay’s carbon footprint through insulation, energy efficiency and micro-renewables.  Benefits include warmer houses and reduced fuel costs.

An Introduction to IET

A short leaflet explaining the IET’s aims and projects can be downloaded here: An Introduction to IET

Who is on the IET Board?

The current board members are as follows:

  • George Dean – Treasurer
  • Stephen Harrison
  • David Hobhouse (Colonsay representative)
  • Richard Jagger
  • Eileen Mackenzie
  • Islay McEachern
  • Eleanor McNab
  • Russell Pollock
  • Jim Porteous
  • Glen Roberts – Chair
  • Vacancy (Jura representative)

IET Meetings

The Board of Trustees meets monthly. In addition to Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings may be held when the Board needs to consult with the members over significant decisions.


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