Community Renewables

Awesome Energy Community Share Offer – March 2017

The River Avich hydro project by Awesome Energy Dalriada is in the final stages of development and they plan to start building in May. They are currently running a Community Share Offer aiming to raise £400,000 towards the costs of this 350kW, £1.5m project.

The Share Offer is open until 30th April 2017.  You can read the prospectus and the business plan at, and keep up to date with news by registering your interest there, or visiting our Facebook page: ‘Awesome Energy Dalriada’.


IET is currently working on two renewables projects which we hope will bring an income stream to the community.

Almost completed is the recommissioning of Dunlossit Estate’s 20kW hydro scheme at Loch Allan; this has been carried out in association with Dunlossit Estate and will be operated by them, with an agreed payment to IET over the next few years which will help with our running costs so that we can continue to develop income-generating projects..

The second is a 330kW community wind project, which has just been granted planning permission. We have some issues to address regarding the grid connection, but hope to have completed installation by late 2014. When completed, the wind project will generate up to £80k per annum for community benefit. We have recently carried out a wide-ranging community consultation into how this money can best be spent, and the full study will be published here shortly.

The Dunlossit Hydro Scheme has now been completed as has the community wind project.  The latter is generating as planned and continues to provide funding for the Community Benefit Fund.  See the Community Benefit Fund page for further detail.


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